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Epithelial tissue can be ____________ according to cell shape and number of layers. one layer of cells is called ____________ , and more than one layer is called stratified. thin, flat, scaly cells are ____________ . cuboidal cells are either rounded or ____________ in shape.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on December 14, 2018

Epithelial tissue is composed of innervated and avascular layer of cells that are tightly packed. Form the outermost layer of the body and protects the inner layers and organs. This tissue can be classified into different categories based on the shape of their cells, and the total number of layers. Epithelial tissue with only one of the layers is known as the simple epithelial tissue. The epithelial cells are thin, flat and scaly are known as squamous cells. While the cubodial cells are round or square in shape.Therefore, the given blank can be filled with ranked, simple, squamous, and square.

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