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Emparejar choose the appropriate category from the drop down for each item. esquí escribir gimnasio jugar videojuegos restaurante vóleibol 2 deportes identify each sport using vocabulary from the lesson. follow the model. modelo club + ball = el golf ball + racket + net = bat + ball = swimming suit + cap + goggles = bicycle + helmet = 3 emparejar choose the appropriate place from the drop down for each activity. comer con amigos ver películas ir de excursión practicar la natación ver obras (works) de picasso, dalí y miró 4 completar fill in the blanks with words from the list. one word will not be used. equipo jugador parque partidos pasatiempo videojuegos ver películas es mi favorito. alejandro está en el de fútbol americano de la universidad. cuando podemos (we can), gloria y yo asistimos a los de los yankees. ¿te gusta jugar (to play) en tus ratos libres? daniel y felipe pasean en bicicleta por el

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1 answer

Ronald Miller on February 16, 2018

In English says: Party choose the appropriate category from the drop-down list for each item. ski type gym, play video games, restaurant, volleyball, 2 sports, identify each sport using the vocabulary of the lesson. follow the model of club + ball = golf ball + racket + red = bat + ball = swimsuit + cap + glasses = bicycle + helmet = 3 match choose the appropriate location from the drop-down list for each activity. eat with friends, watch movies, go to swimming practice to see picasso's, dali's works and appearance 4 complete fill in the blanks with the words from the list. a word is not used. team player of the playground pastime of playing video games, watching movies is my favorite. Alexander is in college football. when we can (we can), gloria and I attend to those of the Yankees. Do you like to play (play) in your free time? Daniel and felipe to take a bike ride on the

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