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Emory University is among my list of institutions that offer continuing education. How is Emory and how is Emory continuing education?

I am considering joining a cont ed program in a reputable institution. Could someone please shed some light on Emory and its school of continuing education in particular. What are the online courses and certificate programs offered by this school? What are the FAQs? What are the traditions of this institutions and what is important to note about its history. For how many years has Emory continuing education been serving people in Atlanta, from the rest of USA and the world?

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on February 23, 2018

For over sixty years now, Emory Continued Education (ECE) has been the university’s non-credit division with great numbers of students enrolling every year from the adjacent community and far. The mission of Emory Continuing Education is and has been to enrich student lives while enhancing the non-traditional student’s careers by excellent education provision. The school has advanced the university’s commitment to create knowledge, teach, preserve, and apply.

ECE school of continuing learning provides a wide variety of open enrolment courses (hybrid options, fully online course among others) and certificate programs aimed at personal enrichment and professional development. Fields include, information technology, paralegal, web design, fundamentals in management, English as a second language, health coach, test preparation, foreign languages, human resources and communication and many others.

The Emory college was founded by the Methodist church in 1836 in Oxford, Georgia. The school founders named the city after its British cousin and the institution after a bishop who had a dream that there would be American education that would mould the mind as well as character. From a little school, the institution struggled for years and prosperity began in the late 1800s. by the early 190s, the Methodist Episcopal church aimed at creating a university in the south while Emory college looked for expansion.

I cannot forget to mention ‘the million - dollar letter.’ Founder of the Coca-Cola Company, Asa Candler wrote a letter to offer money for seeding. Candler made the deal better after donating some land in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1915 Emory received a charter from DeKalb county to build. Methodist Bishop, Warren Candler, who was the brother to Coca-Cola Company’s president and an alumnus of Emory as well as its president returned to become Emory’s first chancellor in the newly established campus. This philanthropy from the Candlers and other donors empowered Emory’s ambition placing it among USA’s top universities. In response to the generosity, the university upholds the spirit of drinking only the Coca-Cola soda brand.  

Safeguarding Emory’s official spirit is a task that rests on Dooley, a slender biology lab skeleton frame that emerged in the campus in 1899. Explaining who is Dooley is an endeavour that is still continuing. DVS secret society is the oldest in the campus. One is chosen to the society based on ability of contributing to life in the campus. Once a regular or a cont education student you will be made part of the wonderful heritage of Emory.

Jordan Soto2 years ago

What you might have left out is the expertise in creation of value that emory continuing education boasts of. In corporate learning, Emory creates value through application of expertise, experience and skills. By so doing, the institution delivers and develops relevant education needs to improve employee’s performance in organizations. They support clients by ensuring there is provision of high – quality practical and relevant programs aimed at nurturing talent in various fields. Emory does everything in its power to try and tailor programs to meet unique needs of an organization. What’s more, the courses are such that they can be custom - made and delivered onsite to clients that are affiliated to corporate organizations. The most common FAQ is whether Emory continuing education offers online courses. Emory continuing education provides a variety of hybrid courses. In hybrid courses, online education and classroom education are combined. You can see additional details under each course’s description.

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