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EMIL: Guess you don't know much about the Espionage Act or you'd go and make a little friendly call on your uncle. When your case comes to trial—and Judge Lenon may be on the bench—(whistles) He's one fiend for Americanism. What best describes the effect of the word fiend in this excerpt? It establishes the time period in which the story occurred by using language that is not typically used in today’s society. It develops the conflict by establishing the fact that Judge Lenon is unforgiving when he feels that someone has been unpatriotic. It enhances the theme of the story by suggesting that it is nearly impossible to receive a fair trial during this time period. It characterizes Judge Lenon as a corrupt judge who cares more about patriotism than he cares about justice.

Annie Barnes

in English

1 answer

1 answer

Amanda Johnson on April 25, 2018

The devil means an evil, evil or a cruel person. This word that characterizes the judge in this extract. In fact, this word is directed to this character in the extract. Therefore, the correct answer is the last option, Are characterized Judge Lenon as a corrupt judge that is more concerned about the patriotism that he cares for justice.

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