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Education required for a teacher?

Theresa Perry

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Melissa Norris on August 8, 2018

In the first place, you need to get a four year degree (BA, BS) from an accredited University. Some Universities have undergraduate degree programs geared towards students that want to go Into the teaching. If you want to teach at the high school level in a particular discipline, an undergraduate major in this discipline would be best. If you want to teach kindergarten through eighth grade from your undergraduate degree can be in any subject. Liberal studies is popular. You must ensure that your course work is extensive and has at least a little bit of knowledge in many areas. Some states, including California, require a standardized test that asks questions that go through a wide range of disciplines. After you get your four year degree you need to study two more years in an accredited teaching program in a university. The programs are offered at the Public Universities, Private Universities and online. You are going to study for teaching K - 8 - grade or 9 - - 12 - degree. (Student teaching in the Kindergarten requires a completely different program.) Towards the end of the two years in the program is to teach the students. To teach students that are assigned to two different classrooms with a "teacher of teachers", great teaching experience. You're going to spend at least a semester with each teacher. In California, if you are studying to be a k - 8 - grade teacher may spend a semester in a lower grade, Kindergarten through 3 ' degree and one in a 4 - - 5 - or 6 - grade class. The teacher will have to teach a lesson, or help with the lessons. The ideal is that the teacher will give you many practical suggestions for when you have your own classroom. You will write lesson plans and present them to the class, and a supervisor from their university that will watch you teach and give feedback. Teaching the students not pay money. Sometimes the students to the study of teaching, are hired as trainees. Interns are paid regular teaching salaries An inmate has a class of its own. An internship is evaluated by your University supervisor and the director of the school where they teach. Being an intern works well if you can find a school that will hire you and if you feel safe in your own classroom. The most complete learning experience, however, it is to be a teacher and the student. Students can student teach for two semesters and afford to not charge for it, is teaching the students an important learning experience. Finally, to "clean up your credential" you will be required to pass one or more standardized tests. For example, in California, one of the tests of basic knowledge about many topics and one test what you know about the teaching of reading. In the first five years after obtaining their credential, which will be needed to complete some more of the upper division course work in specific areas such as how to teach reading, or science.These courses are generally available online.

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