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Ed is doing a survey of popular colors for cars for a school report. He decides to take a sample by sitting near a busy intersection and noting the colors of the cars as they go by him. Ed counts 23 black cars, 9 red cars, 17 blue cars, 25 white cars, and 21 silver cars during 20 minutes of watching. How many more white and blue cars are there than silver and red cars?

Kyle Mckinney

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Ronald Miller on March 17, 2018

The answer is 12.If we represent the car in this way:a Black car = 23Red cars B = 9Blue car C = 17White cars D = 25Silver cars E = 21Then sum of white and blue, the car is D + C = 25 + 17 = 42 the sum of the silver and the red car is, And a + B = 21 + 9 = 30Using the subtraction:(D+C) - (E+B) = 42 - 30 = 12Therefore, there are 12 more white and blue cars than silver and red cars.

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