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Earth is the third planet from the sun. this placement most affects earth's unique _____and ______ conditions. 1. a.gravityb. temperaturec. moond. defferentation 2. a.atmosphericb. corec. mantled. lithospheric

Amanda Johnson

in Physics

2 answers

2 answers

Tara Andrews on January 30, 2019

The placement of Earth in our Solar system is the main factor that has given the life even the slightest chance to develop. If you were collated a bit further or closer to Sun, there would not be human population or anything alive for that matter. The whole planet would look drastically different. Just take a look at our closest neighbor, Mars, and see how drastically different we are to the plant we are closest in looks to.

Concerning your options, I believe that the first answer should be 1b – temperature. The proximity of the Sun directly influence the temperature patterns we have on Earth; this is the main sphere of its influence that instantly comes to mind. Out temperature turned out to be ideal in terms of the birth of life as we know it. Though it varies in different corners of the planet, it is all in the acceptable range.

The second statement should be 2a – atmosphere. An atmosphere is the crucial layer of gases that protects the planet from the negative influence from outside. Earth’s atmosphere is composed of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and argon. The most of them for us s oxygen that is used for respiration for most alive organisms.

The atmosphere is closely connected to the temperature and can only be maintained in certain conditions. Though, it also depends on the gravity of a body, so we can count the option 1a – gravity as the right answer as well.

Deborah Edwards on July 18, 2018

I'm not sure you understand how these decisions are organized. The way I read it, the answers are 1.B and 2.a. The temperature and the atmosphere.

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