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Drm refers to a combination of ________ for protecting digital content.

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on January 31, 2018

Social news web site is a web site that features user-posted stories. These stories are ranked according to popularity, as voted on by other site users or by the administrators of the web site. The users are usually in-line comments in the news posts, and these comments may also be classified in popularity. Since their emergence with the birth of Web 2.0, social news sites have been used to link many types of information, including news, humor, support, and discussion. All of these websites allow users to submit content and each site differs in how the content is moderate. In the Slashdot and Fark web sites, the administrators decide which items are selected for the first page. On Reddit and Digg, the articles that get the most votes from the community of users on the main page. Many social news websites will also have a system of in-line comments, where the users discuss the issues raised in an article. Some of these sites have implemented its voting system for comments, so the most popular comments are displayed first. Some of the news websites also have a social networking function, where users can set up a user profile and follow other users activity on-line on the web site.

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