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Draw the structure of the starting material in the ozonolysis reaction below. Hint: The starting material and product have the same number of carbons (i.e., 1 mol reactant : 1 mol product). Download jpg

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on February 18, 2018

Answer: The starting material involved in the formation of 5-Oxoheptanal is 1-ethylcyclopent-1-ene, as shown in the following reaction.Explanation: Ozone is one of the reactive allotrope of oxygen. Reacts vigorously with compounds unsaturated such as alkenes and alkynes. In this reaction alkene and O₃ first react to produce a Molozonide which is very unstable and rearranges to form a stable ozonid as shown in the attached diagram below. In addition, the ozonid in the reduction of convertwed in ketones and aldehydes, respectively.

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