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Draw the major product for the dehydration of 2-pentanol.draw the molecule on the canvas by choosing buttons from the tools (for bonds), atoms, and advanced template toolbars. the single bond is active by default.

Megan Page

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1 answer

Kristi Hammond on July 28, 2018

The answer is: more product for the dehydration of 2-pentanol are 1-pentene (CH₂=CH-CH₂-CH₂-CH₃) and 2-pentene (CH₃-CH=CH-CH₂-CH₃) and water.The addition of hot concentrated sulfuric acid to a secondary alkanol removes a water molecule from the organic molecule in a dehydration reaction.2-pentanol, CH₃-CH₂-CH₂-CHOH-CH₃ s an asymmetric secondary alcohol.

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