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Does US bank student loans program still exist?

I read on the internet that US bank ceased to offer private student loans, is the claim true? My elder sister is a beneficiary of US bank student loans, and I saw their loan offers were great.  I received admission to college, and I knew the U.S Bank is the place to get a student loan. I don’t know the right place to get private loans for college.  Kindly advise me on how to get a student loan from credible lenders. Don’t forget to tackle the issue of the student loans payment. Thanks in advance.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

1 answer

Daniel King on June 13, 2018

It is true that the US Bank ceased giving college private loans.  It was not by choice, the federal government stopped guaranteeing loans to the private students, and that is how the lenders began exiting the industry. I can second that indeed the students who benefited from the US Bank student loan program were lucky because they received cheaper loans and a 50% interest rate reduction for automatic payments.  But don’t worry because you can still enjoy other banking services from the US Bank. You can get a mortgage, open a savings account, enjoy their online e-banking and get other loans at US Bank.  You can also get financial advice from the US Bank and advice on how to get a loan for a student.

The US Banks website is resourceful to both parents and students; they have a section on the student's money tips and a section for parents. The website gives you as a student the best options to take out loans and offers tips on how you can estimate how much you will earn in the future and your student loan payments. Through this website, students have learned how to manage their cash while in college and how to build credit. Parents are advised on best ways to finance their children’s education and considerations to make before cosigning a loan.

Be a member of the US Bank and enjoy the endless benefits. The US Bank had additional banking tools for students which include mobile and online banking enabling students to access their money anywhere anytime at no additional cost. Account checking is free for students alone.

There are other options for funding your college education apart from getting a loan. Consider applying for scholarships and grants before applying for any federal or private loan. There are plenty of scholarships you are eligible for applying for, make sure you create a free profile on the Fastweb for the search engine to match you to the scholarships online. Ask the admission office for any scholarships in the college, and this will be the best opportunity to minimize the amount of loan for your education.

In case you fail to get the scholarship and grants to finance your college education, try applying for the federal loan or even the private loan. There are great lenders out there waiting to help you out. For any clarification, don’t hesitate to ask.

For more information on US Bank, contact the loan center at 800-242-1200. 

Eric Bates2 years ago

The U.S Bank is the best one, I was lucky to be part of the team that enjoyed the 50% reduction in the interest rate.  I used the US Bank student loan for my university education, and to date, I am still a member of the US Bank.  Their services are flawless, and their financial tips are doable. The “money tips on students” taught me the act of saving money. Thank you U.S Bank, you made me who I am today. My prayer is for the federal government to reconsider guaranteeing the loan as earlier so that other students in need of financial assistance can get cheap loans from the US bank as we did in the past.  My advice to you is not to forego your studies because the US Bank can’t offer you the loan. There are many good lenders out there waiting for your loan application. Your future depends on your decision. Make the right one now! 

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