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Does the West Bank belong to the Jews or the Palestinians?

Kristi Hammond

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Ashley Howard on September 12, 2018

It seems that both sides have legitimate claims to the West bank or as it was better known before 1948 Judea and Samaria. The jews first settled Judea and Samaria 3200 years ago and have since mainted a majority around 300 AD, and the uninterrupted presence up to 1948 when Jordan occupied the west bank and Jews who resided in Hebron, East Jerusalem and in other cities were forced to flee to Israel. The Arabs however have also lived in this area uninterrupted for over 1400 years and have constituted a majority during that period except for 200 of Christian rule. Legally speaking, there is a diversity of opinions as to the legality of the settlements, but the majority of jurists such as Professor Rostow from Yale seem to agree that these settlements are indeed LEGAL because these territories were acquired in a defensive war and no prior party could claim the West Bank (because it was never a country and will be offered to the Jews under the British mandate) The UN, however disagrees and has passed several resolutions on the issue that Israel withdraw from the West bank.

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