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Does the UNC study abroad program offer engineering courses in China?

I am a UNC mechanical engineering student who would like to know if the UNC study abroad program offers an engineering study abroad class in China. I would like to join such a program in fall (2018).

China is one of the leading countries in the engineering field. Thus, studying there will be very beneficial to my career. Interacting with fellow students, professors and engineers from China will enable me to learn the different dynamics in engineering from a brand new perspective.

Lastly, please recommend a study abroad agency.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Derrick Little on March 8, 2018

The UNC studies abroad program facilitators have partnered with study abroad agencies and universities from across the globe to ensure that you can access the program of your choice from various locations on the planet.

China is one of these countries. As from 2015, IES has been sponsoring an engineering abroad study program at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). This program is only open to students from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  

General overview

Students here study Electrical, Computer or Mechanical Engineering. The lectures are in English. Studies are conducted at the University of Michigan–SJTU Joint Institute. They have a very qualified faculty, well equipped laboratories and several English instructed courses e.g. Physics, Electromagnetics, Probabilistic Methods in Engineering, Physics, Data Structures and Algorithms, Combustion.

  1. Scholarships- Students pursuing from UNC enrolling for engineering studies are eligible for the Phillips Ambassadors Scholarship Eligible
  2. Open to Non-UNC students- This program is only available to students from the UNC.
  3. Language of teaching- Classes are taught in Chinese and English
  4. Study Abroad Advisor- Your study abroad advisor is Derek Shepard
  5. Class eligibility: You have to be at least a sophomore at the time of application
  6. Program type: This program is sponsored by a third-party i.e. IES
  7. Housing: The various modes of housing include shared apartments, homestays with resident families and residence halls.

Why Shanghai?

Shanghai is a rapidly developing city. It offers a unique and dynamic environment to study. Furthermore, it is a very industrialized city, hence a good place to study and practice engineering.

Student life

Student life in Shanghai is very thrilling. There are over 26 million people in this awesome people so you are never going to be short of friends.

IES has also ensured that you go on several trips of the hallmarks and landmarks of Shanghai life. This is in an effort to enhance your cultural and learning adventure. These include:

  • Local Festivals: They include the Shanghai Tourism Festival(Fall) and the Lantern Festival (Spring)
  • Eat & Shop in Xintiandi
  • This is a vast dining and shopping district with two big blocks i.e. Xintiandi Northern block and Southern blocks. This is great blend of the past and present.
  • Go for a Huangpu River Night Cruise: A thrilling boat ride that gives you a rare opportunity to sightsee.

In conclusion, I think IES and IEC abroad are the best agencies now.

Jordan Sotoa year ago

Let me add that you need to be very choosy when selecting a study abroad agency. Many cases have recently emerged of students abandoned by their service providers in times of emergency. Like a case where a student in a summer abroad program had an accident and broke her leg. She found herself alone in public hospital and could not communicate because of the language barrier.

Here are a few tips to assess the legitimacy of an agency:

  • Their record of accomplishment: this is the average review by their previous clients. If there are generally positive, the business is legit. However, negative or no reviews are always red flags.
  • The study destinations they offer: agencies that send students to top-tier study destinations are more reliable.
  • Length of time they have been in business: look for an agency that has been in business long enough to stand the test of time.

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