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Does the army accept high school diploma from Britain academy in thomasville nc?

Melissa Norris

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Ronald Miller on July 21, 2018

Depends on what the accreditation that the army accepts. My guess would be that it would not accept her diploma as most of the states and of the national colleges do not recognize Brittain of the Academy diploma as one of the main accredited schools. From what I know, that used to be accredited by the necessary organizations for the Southeastern states, but lost its accreditation. All the people that I have dealt with who have completed a secondary school program with Brittain Academy have tried to enter the university and were told they would need to obtain a GED before being accepted into a program because their high school diploma is not acceptable diploma. Don't waste your money, there are a lot of online high school programs that are legitimate. Brittain Academy is not. I hope you follow this advice. Good luck in your efforts.

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