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Does NYU continuing education offer professional development for teachers?

I have been looking for online continuing education providers without success. While professionals in engineering have American continuing education and Medical practitioners have Philips learning center, I have not found providers with specifically tailored continuing education credits for teachers.

I am looking for a website good courses which are regionally recognized. I came across NYU continuing education in my search for a CE provider. However, I could find much information to know if they offer what I am looking for. I’m wondering, does this provider offer professional development courses for teachers?

Carlton Burgess

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Derrick Little on June 18, 2018

Yes, masters courses. NYU continuing Ed offers 12 to 14 months master’s courses in the field of teaching. You may apply to attend classes or study online. You will find courses that will help you:

  • Make career advancements
  • Meet state licensure requirements
  • Fulfill your desire to seek knowledge

For whatever reason you may be applying for continuing education, you will probably find something that appeals to you here. Their CE courses are offered through the school of professional studies.

Other places you may find continuing Ed credits for teachers include the following: this website caters to all professional development needs. For teacher credits, you can select courses from a variety of listings. The site offers a 10% discount on your first order, which is well worth it since it takes a load off the actual price.

TeachME is another excellent website in the American continuing Ed industry. You will enjoy an all-inclusive one-year price. Once you make the $95 payment, you can do as many courses as you would like. If you decide to use this provider, I would recommend that you try to earn as much credit as you can before your subscription expires.

There are dozens of other teaching CE online providers. You just need to know how to check a course for quality standards. Tips you can use to evaluate a course include:

  • The course guarantees: these include financial and other guarantees. Reliable courses usually have money-back guarantees if a particular class you pay for doesn’t meet the quality threshold promised by the provider. These guarantees are stated on the website. You cannot miss them.
  • The years of experience in the industry: select a CE provider has at least three years in the industry. This precaution is mainly due to reliability and credibility concerns. You would not want to risk your money on a course that doesn’t meet your needs.
  • The customer reviews: most sites have a page where their clients can send their feedback. Such considerations are important in assessing the quality of services the provider offers. However, take these reviews with a pinch of salt as not all of them may be genuine. For example, if all of them are praising the service, they may be a hoax. So, just be careful.
  • The price: though expensively priced course doesn’t always guarantee quality; I would be cautious with courses that are offered at meager prices. 

Roger Moore2 years ago

Why don’t you try Teacher CEU toolbox for teacher continuing education credits? It is the most convenient tool for teachers online. This service is developed offered by Utah Valley University to assist teachers with professional development.

Their benefits include:

  • Affordable rates: they charge very competitive prices for courses. For these prices, you will get state-approved courses.
  • No hidden fees on their courses: have you ever purchased a course online only to find out later that there are extra charges that you are supposed to pay for? That sucks. However, this website is honest about its prices.
  • A wide variety of course areas: you can select the courses you wish to undertake from tens of courses available.
  • Self-paced: you can have your classes at your convenience. You are the one to set the time and speed of learning.
  • All services are online: from coursework, tests, and certification, everything is conducted online. 

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