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Does high school football affect students’ grades?

I have heard of this argument that high school football has huge impacts on high school scores on tests. Recently, I also found two of my classmates arguing about it. They sought my opinion, but I was reluctant to join their discussion because I lacked a concrete answer. Also, I didn’t want to be fallacious or give my opinion without basing it on facts. What is the truth here? Is there research that was done either in New York public schools or in local schools? If yes, what were the results? Please help.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Donald Ward on January 12, 2018

I have once read a study that was conducted on students from public schools, though not in New York. The results indicated that football had a positive impact on the life of high school students, during their schooling years and future life. The same result applied to other sports too.

Today, many people think that active participation in football negatively affects students’ high school score but that is not true. These people use the aspect of time in trying to justify this, but this is simply not the case. My experience is that students who play football in high school are more likely to be better time managers than those who don’t play the game. It is explained by the fact that they gain the ability to juggle between classes and sports. They are also able to plan their time of the day properly having allocated adequate time to both activities. It takes great skill to be able to manage your time. Players therefore master this art which is likely to be of great help to them in the future.

I have also realized that most Newyork public schools are involved in competitive high school sports. This means that students are constantly practicing to ensure they give their best. The exercises you carry out have proven to be very effective and helpful to your body. Biologically speaking, exercise improves blood flow to the brain which is important to the normal functioning of any human being. Exercising also improves your intellectual functioning. For instance, decision making, learning, thinking as well as your ability to process information. It also ensures that you are always alert. This has been proven to be the reason for higher school scores among players compared to those of non-players. The moment your cognitive functioning improves, your thinking capacity and the ability to grasp concepts in class improves too.

Apart from the benefits I have mentioned earlier, high school sports also ensures that local school students are able to constantly travel to other places to competitions. This helps build self-esteem and confidence of such students as they keep interacting with their peers. The act of playing itself ensures that they develop emotional ties with the local community. Once you have high self-esteem, you will be able to make better class presentations and articulately air out your views and opinions without any fear whatsoever as compared to students whose self-esteem is low. Consequently, your general interaction with other students and also teachers becomes great. This leads to social approval by all. As a player, you should therefore constantly work hard to improve your class scores. High school football is, therefore, a great sport and an important one as it helps you to be physically fit and also improve your academic levels. It is therefore important that parents encourage their children to take up sports.

Charles McAleara year ago

I have read the above answer. I think it sounds very interesting. I, however, do not agree with it as I believe engaging in high school football does not in any way improve the grades of students. I think that this sport takes up most of their time which means they do not have time to focus on their studies. They are always missing classes and exams as they attend practice and this greatly affects their high school scores. Most players also have no time to consult their teachers on areas that they feel were not clear to them in class. Compared to students that don’t play, their scores are likely to be worse. They are always slacking on their studies. Moreover, local schools that encourage high school football as a sport perform poorly regarding other sports.

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