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Does high IQ mean higher success?

Tara Andrews

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1 answer

1 answer

Eric Morgan on August 28, 2018

ahah, I love these types of questions related to the intellectual coefficient, intelligence, memory, etc... I'll give you my opinion.. Well, IQ is a way of measuring our potential to be intelligent. And normally people who are smart, successful, because they are of the mind to use, in addition to stimulate your brain and have a specific personality.. Directly, having a high iq does not mean higher success because of a high iq only means that you have the potential to be intelligent, is not a guarantee of success in any way. However, indirectly, if you have a high iq, has the potential to be intelligent, and therefore if you put the potential of use: by using the stimulation of your brain, trying to give your best, study hard, always looking for things to do, success is likely to come your way.. Success is in the mind, it is not a matter of luck, coincidence, spiritual beings. There are things to do to be successful. IQ is only one path to lead you to success.. Response . I definitely agree with the above. One can not simply sit back and say, "I have a high iq.... I am a genius." The initiative is a necessity. In addition, other factors should be considered as opportunities and the motivation, psychological factors or disorders, and learning disabilities. What avenues were taken to address the challenges to be successful? Often the motivation, experiences, opportunities and support are key factors in becoming successful.. ANSWER . "Never confuse IQ with W2" lol

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