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Does Harvard University really provide Harvard online services?

I would like to know if this prestigious Ivy-League college indeed provides an online degree through Harvard online services. My plan to join this service for online higher education is on-hold after I’ve learned that an employee was fired after their employer found out that they took their education from Harvard Extension School but not Harvard University.

Does anyone know if degrees and many other free distance learning courses, offered by Harvard online school are really from Harvard University?

Please help me avoid wasting time pursuing this online degree it is not worth it.

Timothy Norman

in Online Courses

1 answer

1 answer

Melissa Norris on April 16, 2018

Harvard's online service is part of Harvard University. This linkage means that you can get course credits, certificates, and degrees from this service that are recognized by companies located far beyond the Massachusetts locale.

On joining this online school, you get a Harvard email address, a valid Harvard student identification card, you can use Harvard facilities, and get into the Harvard directory. They wouldn’t offer you all these if they lied? Would they?

However, this online higher ed platform is not a full-on Ivy League institution because you are not subjected to the vigorous and competitive process of evaluation to get accepted. This service has an open-enrollment policy that allows anyone to join as long as they can afford to pay for it.

Moreover, these degrees require a low GPA to let you graduate.

When it comes to job matters, I do not think you will be do something wrong if you put Harvard on your CV. It is where you have graduated from. Even if you take a free distance learning course from this institution, it will be good if you put it down.

Nonetheless, you are required by law to disclose the place from which you have attained your qualifications.  Therefore, in the spirit of honesty, you ought to indicate where you have studied. Whether online or on-campus. There is no point in misleading your employer by merely stating ‘Harvard’ on the resume. Instead, specify the college and platform (online- only or online option and on-campus).

The classes there are excellent. You are taught by experienced professionals in your field together with Harvard professors. The programs are Harvard-accredited and are not watered down in any way.

It is important to note that if you get A’s in at least ten of the problematic Harvard classes, you stand a chance of joining Harvard University. This performance indicates that you can compete with other Harvard students and succeed.

Moreover, excellent performance can help you get recommendation letters from Harvard professors. These recommendations can help you get a Harvard admission slot.

Another crucial issue to take note of is that you cannot earn a Harvard online school degree by taking these online courses only. You will be required to attend lessons on campus for at least several sessions before you are awarded your degree.

Brian Warner2 years ago

I realize that you want to pursue an online degree. Please note that you cannot get a degree from Harvard online services. Only Harvard University can offer courses that lead to the award of degrees from this respectable institution.

I would like to dissuade you from pursuing a course at the Harvard Extension School. It is darn expensive. Presently, their classes will cost you a price in the range of $1020 to $1200 for every one of them.

These program fees, when combined with other administrative costs, tally up to the price as mentioned earlier. It is high time we accepted that a HES degree is not only one. Yes, it is a show of exemplary academic performance and intelligence, but we should not do everything possible in order to have it on our resumes.

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