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Does Harvard continuing education offer CE courses for accountants?

I started CFP continuing education last year when the CFP board made it mandatory for all CFPs to attain at least 30 continuing education credit hours. I previously had no intention of learning further. However, my interest in CE has grown. As I also have a CPA certification, I would also like to get started on CPA continuing education. I feel that it would be beneficial to tackle both together. I would like to know if Harvard continuing education offers courses for accountants who want to attain CE credit hours.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

1 answer

Heather Maxwell on May 4, 2018

Harvard Division-Continuing Education doesn’t offer viable options tailored explicitly for accounting professions. It offers lucrative business and leadership programs for professionals in business industry. These courses maintain professional excellence and competence in business management.

Inevitably, as an accounting professional, you fall into this category too. Continuous learning is a lifelong undertaking, and as you grow in your profession, you will likely take up new supervisory or managerial roles. This kind of growth requires a new set of skills and knowledge.

Therefore, your intention for continuous learning is what draws the line in this case. To elaborate further, what I mean is that if you are looking for the mandatory credit hours, such as what you are doing with continuing education for CFPs, this is not your best bet. However, to grow your career to a management role in accounting or any other business areas, Harvard CE courses might help you.

From Harvard extension school, you may select certificate or degree courses, programs on professional development or open enrollment courses. The certificates and degrees CE courses require normal Harvard admission process and criteria. However, the other two categories have minimum requirements and may or may not have credit.

Under professional development you may consider:

  •    Business Strategy: this is about making smart decisions using strategic tools for your business/ organization. You will learn innovativeness, decision making and critical thinking and how you can implement these skills for better business performance.
  •    Leadership & Management helps you learn how to be innovative, drive business productivity and effectively compete with other industry players. Learning is through lectures, discussions, and exercises.

If you find that the courses at Harvard extension school do not meet your needs, you can try At accounting tools, you will find all kinds of information about accounting. Interest areas include books, continuing education for CPAs, articles, and podcasts. The site offers about 150 CPE courses. Training areas include tax, ethics, and auditing. The courses are accredited and recognized by NASBA.

I would advise you do Harvard CE courses for your personal development as they will not help you attain the CPAs governing bodies’ stipulated CEP credit hours. The reason is that there are specific areas that credit attainment is required. For example, no matter what course you choose to take, you must achieve two credit hours in accounting ethics within a specified period. 

Tad Frazier2 years ago

Harvard continuing education is good, but not for accountants. As an accounting professional, I believe you will find the sites I will mention helpful to you.

Lorman offers both live video classes and self-study programs. Lorman is the best bet for busy professionals as you can download study courses from the comfort of your office or home. Since this organization has partnered with state accounting bodies, all courses are accredited and credit hours attained are recognized.

Western CPE. This elaborate site offers CPE on a wide array of topic areas. You can choose anything from auditing, taxation or accounting. Study methods include video conferencing, self-study or webcasts. is a self-study tool designed for CPE seekers. Becker provides learning tools and study formats to help you study and understand the latest issues in accounting, taxation and the general business industry. Course instructors are highly qualified to meet your professional standards. 

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