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Does Harvard Continuing Education Include CPA and CFP courses?

I did a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. I have been practicing for six years now and I would like to go back to school to do either CPA continuing education or CFP continuing education. The problem is that I have a full-time job which I cannot miss to attend everyday classes. The only possible solution is to attend online classes. I want the best quality of education and I believe Harvard would offer me what I want. However, I am not sure whether or not Harvard Continuing Education includes CPA and CFP courses. If it does, how can I apply?

Alexa Spicer

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Tara Andrews on March 13, 2018

It is very important to ensure that the school you have chosen for your further studies provides top notch education. This is because there are plenty of schools that offer low quality online programs because they are cheaper than traditional classes. Harvard is an excellent choice. It is one of the leading universities worldwide and with good reason. They are not only known for their amazing on-campus classes but also for their amazing online programs. Therefore, you will be making a great choice by pursuing continuing education at Harvard.

Yes. Harvard offers accounting courses like continuing education CPA and continuing education CFP. In fact, their online accounting courses are among the best courses online. The great thing about these online courses is the fact that you will not have to apply for the program. All you have to do is to register and begin your courses.

The registration procedure for CPA and CFA programs is the same. The first thing you will need to do is to log onto the Harvard Extension Website. Once this is done, you can begin the registration process. You will be required to pay a registration fee of $50 and your tuition fee. Once this is done, you will receive a confirmation email. You are supposed to keep this email because you will need it in the next stage of application. To apply for these programs, you are supposed to be above the age of 18. Make sure you carry the confirmation details with you every time you visit the Harvard campus. This is important because you might be required to provide the confirmation and a valid government-issued ID to access some of the areas in the school for security reasons.

When you begin your online classes, make sure you develop a lot of discipline. Attend all your classes and do all the exams. This is important because you might not be awarded your certificate if you do not achieve the pass mark for the course you are taking. It is also advisable to take full advantage of your instructors. Ask as many questions as possible so that you can understand the content. Also, if you get time, try visiting the campus so that you can learn some practical skills. These will really come in handy in your job. The additional skills will really help by making you stand out from the rest of the employees at your workplace.

Charles McAlear2 years ago

I agree. there is no place like Harvard if you are looking for quality education. However, I wouldn’t encourage you to pursue online CPA continuing education even at Harvard. This is because CPA is the kind of course that requires you to learn a lot of things by watching things happen practically. The theory is important but it is the practical sessions which will make you better at your job. My advice to you would be for you to enroll in the continuing study programs on-campus. The university offers a very flexible schedule for adults looking to further their education. They are aware that most students have to work all day. Therefore, they provide the option of attending class either late in the evening or early in the morning when work hasn’t begun. Check out their schedule so that you can make an informed decision. The on-campus classes would be a better fit for sure.

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