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Does emigration effectively discharge student loan debt?

Mindee Nelson

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Kathy Robinson on February 20, 2019

Yes, but you must also do the following: 1) First, obtain dual citizenship in the country they migrate to. 2) Liquidate and remove all assets of its first country to avoid possible confiscation by the Government, who will try to seize anything of value when you default on your student loans. Also, obtain certified copies of all educational transcripts/diplomas of the original institutions you attended. The Government may prevent you from getting these records after default. 3) Renounce the citizenship of their country of origin, and embrace your new home. 4) You are now immune from debt collection on your student loans without paying, however, you can not return to their country of origin, without being subject to collections again. It sounds extreme, but the financial freedom in another country is better than being a permanent debt slaves in the Land of the Free.

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