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Does CSU Study Abroad have one of the best educational abroad programs there are?

I’m currently in my third year in Colorado State and I’m looking to attend an international campus in the last semester of next year. Does CSU study abroad offer a great program for transfer students and what has the experience been like for those who’ve been through the program? Is there a well-known International student exchange program that collaborates with CSU and allows one to Study in New Zealand? I’m hoping to learn a new language and hopefully volunteer a bit.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on February 22, 2018

Getting into a student exchange program for international students is a great strategy and your future would look brighter if you made it into one. A lot of students don’t know the value of going into such programs and its implications on their professional futures. Such a program affords you different perspectives that will help you become a global citizen. Aside from that, you might even learn a new skill or a new language if you are able to. Study Abroad CSU is a great way to achieve this vision and go into a program with global appeal. You can get summer programs, Winter Break and spring programs and seeing as you are just about to start your final year, you should look for a program that fits into your timetable.

To participate in the exchange program, you must be in good academic standing with a GPA of at least 2.0, although different programs have different requirements. Depending on what school you want to attend, in whatever part of the world, it may be possible to go abroad for your last semester, although you need to confirm whether your transcript will be delayed. You may choose to take some courses which will not necessarily form part of your transcripts but may appear as extra credits. If you can’t make it for the abroad program, there are campuses around the US which participate in the collaboration effort and you will certainly find one that is to your liking.

It may also be wise for you to discuss the financial aspect of applying to an education abroad program with your parents as the cost varies for different cities and different campuses. You say you may be interested in a New Zealand study program. Massey University of New Zealand offers a collaborative effort with CSU and students can take advantage of the fact that Massey’s courses are credited in CSU, 15 semester credits at CSU translating to 60 Massey credits. Massey has campuses in Auckland, Manawatu, Wellington and a distant learning program. Is there a specific place in New Zealand that you are looking to go? You say you are hoping to learn a new language and volunteer. You need to check with each of these companies to make sure that they will accommodate your desires. Check if there any opportunities for the same with the office of the international affairs.

Tad Frazier2 years ago

One of the most important factors you will need to consider is whether the courses you take in CSU Study Abroad will affect your final transcript. Some may not be credited and you may also have some that are unavailable in some campuses. The best place to look is your student office at CSU, although most partner institutions will offer courses from 1st to 3rd years easily and allow credits to be transferred. The other issue to consider before embarking on the journey is the issue of financial aid. Most times, you need to be enrolled in semester programs with at least 12 credit hours and 6 credit hours for summer programs. With your student exchange visa, you’ll be able to work or volunteer in New Zealand, although you need to confirm this further with your education coordinator. You must also have additional travel insurance to cover all travel situations.

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