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Does CPM homework help make students better in any way in Mathematics?

I’m in a transitory pre-college course in a local institution and I’m having a hard time with specific courses in my math course, especially calculus and advanced geometry. Does the homework assistance that CPM offers help struggling students like myself get better? What is the level of difficulty for Maths questions in the CPM study framework? Does CPM have advanced algebra homework help for students like myself who might be struggling with a mathematics course? What are the advantages of using CPM as a homework assistant?

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on January 16, 2018

Math assignments can be tough! I’ve seen for a fact how students struggle with math courses every day. Some are generally not gifted in mathematics, while others generally lack the interest. Others don’t get enough practice which greatly affects them when it comes to grasping and working out problems. I’ve generally seen a marked improvement with my own students when they use CPM help for homework. Most students will sit in class and watch me solve problems on the board. Unless you can engage yourself actively in understanding those problems, you will never be able to get better in Math.

I usually assign questions in Math using a CPM tutorial and encourage my students to work through these problems in groups, either as homework or as individual assignments. I find that working together helps my students grasp concepts better and in less time as they are able to share different perspectives and solutions which they think are plausible. The great thing about CPM is that they have resources, both online and offline and each question that you answer has a complete workout methodology which you can follow step by step to get a greater understanding of the concepts involved.

I’ve also noted with a lot of concern that students only understand math when it’s in text books and on black boards. However, when it comes to real life problems, it always becomes difficult. CPM offers a variety of real life problem simulations that you then use those math skills that you have learnt in school to try and solve. This enables students to visualize math beyond classroom walls and stereotypical borders. Some of the most difficult courses that I have to deal with are algebra, geometry, calculus and a few functional problems. The fail rate for these topics is usually quite high especially if I’m giving individual assignments. CPM offers great algebra help for homework and since I started administering these tests the overall performance has markedly improved.

Most of my students can’t afford private tutors and that’s where CPM assistance for homework comes in handy so much. With CPM you have all your problems worked out for you and you even get brief comments and explanations to ‘enlighten’ you on where you went wrong. As a student I think you’d make great strides by using CPM to better your work.

Charles McAlear2 years ago

CPM homework help is a great tool if you are willing to dedicate time and energy to it. I used to study in groups and do select assignments in advanced calculus for my AP calculus class. My average moved from a 3.0 to a 3.9 GPA during the one year that I used CPM. I always thought of myself as an average math student at best but after using CPM I realized that all along my technique had been wrong and I had not been giving it enough practice. The groupwork assignments that I used to do after school and during the weekends really helped to change my perspectives on learning. I graduated with an overall 3.9 GPA in an AP program and I know CPM contributed a lot to my success. While it might be quite immersive and may take a bit of your time, I’d say it’s worth it.

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