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Does computerization eliminate the purpose of education?

Nowadays, computers have replaced human beings in many job positions. They have been used to automate important processes in many industries. Recently, my son asked me what the purpose of education is. He is reluctant to go on with his studies, and I’m afraid he wants to drop out. In my opinion, I believe I need to tell him about the history of education so that he can have a background. What advantages of education should I describe to him to convince him to go on with his studies? Someone with a concrete response help me, please.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on January 17, 2018

It is very unfortunate that most people believe that computers will replace humans in almost everything in the future. Although it is quite difficult to tell how technology will impact the lives of future generations, it is also absurd to say that the machines will entirely replace humans in the workplaces. Despite innovation replacing humans in many areas, it has never eliminated man totally.

In education history, advancement in science or any other sector has had the impact of reducing the number of people required to accomplish a particular task and the speed at which such a task is finished. One greatest factor behind the end of the slave trade and slavery was technology. Tractors and other machines eliminated the need to have thousands of people working on cotton plantation. Tractors could accomplish a given task faster and with consistency. However, the tractors didn’t eliminate the need for human labor.

No technological advancement can take place without education. One of the main purposes of education is that it seeks to fill the gaps left by a particular technology. When the wheel was first invented in Mesopotamia, it took several years to be used in chariots. The fact that chariots were faster than humans didn’t stop men from inventing a diesel engine to be used in vehicles. Due to education,
other people saw what the car could not do and invented an airplane. This shows that education is what drives technology. It is the people who further technology and not the other way round.

Education is very important in the life of any individual. One advantage of education is that it gives a person an opportunity to learn. By going to school, a student gets an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others. Consequently, the need to repeat mistakes is eradicated and one gets a chance to develop from what has already been achieved.

Education is also important as it provides  students with a place to learn to be disciplined. A student knows that if he does spend his time well in class, he will fail. One gets a chance to live with the consequences of his behavior. Besides, education is the only sure way of survival. What can one do without education? By going to school, one acquires the training and skills needed to secure a job and earn an income. The future of any person or nation is dependent on education. Technology is a product of innovation and technology.

Kurt Price2 years ago

I have compared education in different times and regions. I have to discover that most governments use education to control the minds and feelings of people in the society. Education gives governments opportunities to mold young children into what they want them to become. Governments have been known to control education and what is taught in schools. One crucial advantage of education for governments is that it gives them the capacity to change people to identify themselves as one and not as individuals. Through education, personal values are broken. Instead of people becoming thinkers, education makes them become workers.

Education changes the way we perceive the world. It makes us look at the world in a way that is not a threat to our employers. Education limits our capacity to form an independent, intelligent opinion about a particular issue. Our opinions are defined by the work we do. Anything that deviates or paints a bad image of whatever we do is not tolerated.

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