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Does Columbia continuing education offer CPA courses?

I am interested in taking a CPA continuing education course at Columbia University to boost my job standing and knowledge. However, I do not know if this university offers this kind of programs. My colleagues at work will be attending a CFP continuing education seminar at Columbia University in June. It is from this interaction that I said “why not” to a possibility of taking my CPA continuing education courses at Columbia University. So, does anyone know whether Columbia continuing education provides CPA courses?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on July 11, 2018

The Columbia continuing ed department does not offer CPA classes. By CPA, I mean Certified Public Accountant. This Ivy League university offers Masters, Ph.Ds. and other academic certifications.

However, Columbia University offers some certificates and CPAs (Certifications of Professional Achievement) through its School of Professional Studies. These are accredited non-degree programs that offer courses with credit fit for a university degree.

The School of Professional Studies develops these programs in collaboration with the relevant university departments. Many of these courses are perfect if you are considering graduate school. Taking these courses allows you to access Columbia University’s top-notch facilities, professors, and student peers. If you would like to get more information regarding this issue, feel free to contact the Columbia University’s non-degree team.

CU Certificates

Certificates from CU provide the more specific form of higher education that is similar to a degree regarding intensiveness. These certificates are a right launching pad for graduate school as well as developing one’s career.

Getting an advanced certificate can land you employment without the need for a full degree. Certificate credits depend on the curriculum of the subject. Typical credits fall between 24–28 points- this is roughly eight courses.

To get your certificate award, you have to fill and submit a certificate application through the registrar. After conferral of your certificate, you can ask for an official transcript which shows the grades you attain as well as your course of study.

Note that with this certificate, you qualify for Columbia University’s’ alumni benefits.

CU CPA’s (Certifications of Professional Achievement)

Despite the resemblance, these certifications are in no way related to CPA continuing ed courses offered by other organizations. This CPA is a less intensive course when compared to the certificate. It is helpful to those who wish to pursue a particular subject of interest or to advance one’s career.

To complete this course, you have to finish a minimum of four courses with a cumulative of 12 points. If you are taking a CPA that leads to a Master’s degree at the School of Professional Studies, you will have to forfeit your CPA. This requirement is per the rules of Columbia University.

You must finish and submit the certificate application at the School of Professional Studies to be awarded a CPA. After this, you might request a transcript for your grades.

There are no CFP continuing ed courses at Columbia University either. 

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

Despite not offering continuing education courses for CPA, Columbia continuing ed provides excellent courses in an array of subjects. As an accountant, these courses can help you advance your career and also qualify you for a career change.
This university offers programs at all levels that might interest you. If you have no time to pursue Masters or Ph.D., I would suggest that you take some of the excellent courses offered at CU. As mentioned earlier, these lessons will help you keep up with the current issues in the field you are considering.
For CPA continuing classes, I recommend This website offers Continuing Professional Education for accountants to help them sustain competence in their field. As a CPA it is mandatory for you to take CPEs as well as membership of professional bodies.
CPEs at meet the required standards set by various CPA governing bodies in the United States. 

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