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Does Arizona education news portray the real situation of our schools?

As a parent with kids in school, I try to concern myself with current issues touching on the topic about education. Though I have a demanding job, I keep abreast with the news about our schools through the internet or television.

Lately, I have seen schools in the news in some parts of the country for all the wrong reasons. I am worried because I don’t know if these stories give a true depiction of our education system. Does Arizona education news give us the true picture of our schools?

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

1 answer

Aaron Lee on January 23, 2018

I believe the news we watch on television and read on the internet has the power to inform and build the society. The media has been right to give us the brutal truth about what is going on in most of our schools. However, the situation in one school does not necessary summarize the true picture of all the schools in the state.

Topics about education have been widely discussed in the media. These issues range from violence, student performance and teachers compensation. Most of the information we know is because of the media’s scrutinizing eye. This has helped to improve our schools.

Here is a highlight of why I support AZ education news in depicting our schools:

  • Gives insight on the safety of children in our schools.
    With several incidents of violence in schools, the major concern for parents in recent years is the safety of their children in school. Responsibility for child safety while in school lies with the school administration and the local government. The media has not given them an easy time as they demand to know the measures taken to ensure the safety of school going children.
  • Informative on issues affecting student performance. I have seen the media tackle issues that affect the performance of students in our schools. Many factors in and outside the classroom affect how a student scores.
  • Shows us what the government has done to improve our children’s learning experience. The government is a major player in education and the media often puts it to task to explain what impact they have made on our schools. This includes issues on equity, disbursement of materials, educational policies among others.
  • Advocates for accountability in the management of public school funds. Without the media, most of us would never know about the existence of some public funds that are set aside for schools. Taking up this supervisory role, the media has ensured that funds go to intended projects. Rogue officials are afraid of public scrutiny and exposure therefore refrain from embezzling these finances.
  • Gives us an evaluation of teaching staff in schools and highlights the issues they face. The media has widely talked about issues that face teachers in our schools in the education news. These include low wages and poor working terms. Many are resolved after the media steps in. These issues affect teachers’ execution of their work and in turn negatively affects students’ performance.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

I agree the media has positively affected the education system in a couple of ways. However, I feel that their long-term involvement has brought about negative impacts. This is because the media has widely publicized the negative aspects in our schools. There has been a lot of violence on TV. With the current generation of school going children spending most of their time on TV or the internet, the negative depiction of schools in the news influences how they view education institutions from a very young age. Most past incidences of violence in schools the media has documented doesn’t regard as to how it affects its audience. I do not dispute that information whether positive or negative is important but I think most education news does not give us a correct picture of our schools. We should take the information we view and listen to with a pinch of salt.

Larry Warren2 years ago

The media is always prone to sensationalizing issues to cause a hype. However, media ethics do not allow wrong information to be publicized by them. So it cuts both ways, what the Arizona Education news reports may be exaggerated at times, but it is always based on the truth. Their highlighting of these issues is a call to action for the authorities and parents to seek answers on what is happening. It is unfortunate that schools in the news get there for all the negative reasons. That is no excuse not to find solutions for the problems the media highlights.

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