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Does anyone know when trick or treat will take place in Clarkston MI this year since Halloween falls on a Sunday?

Jessie Thompson

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1 answer

Alexa Spicer on October 3, 2018

In 2010, the "trick-or-treat" is scheduled to begin at noon and will continue until the middle or the end of the day, Sunday, October 31. This is the case if called the District of Michigan there is something odd act of religious significance Sunday against the pagan, we can say that the nature of Halloween. Traditionally, Halloween is the night before All saints and is not necessarily an insult to the Christian religion. The name "Halloween" comes from the words "All Hallows Eve" and is a blend of the Christian tradition of the Celts. This is important because in the USA the law forbidding something like Halloween, the event on Sunday is almost certain that it would be a violation of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. The amendments, in particular, provides for the separation of Church and state. Interestingly, laws that prohibit the sale of alcohol on Sundays was confirmed in U.S. courts, but not for religious reasons. Rather, from respect for the special regulation of the powers of local authorities have more "flaws", like the liquor. This contradiction may be the reason that you want to know about Halloween. Enjoy the Sunday, October 31. Because Halloween is not, as a rule, special regulations, the County should have no laws banning their practice on Sunday.

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