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Does anyone know good places to go for Veterans Day free meals?

What are the rules? I think any restaurant that advertises free meals for veterans on Veterans Day should deliver that for just Dad, but do they offer Veterans Day deals for five people? Would Veterans Day free meals give Dad a chance to mingle with others at the retirement project?

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

Derrick Little on November 7, 2018

I salute your Dad for being willing to consider a retirement project as a way to ease the burden of home care on his children. That’s a selfless decision for any older person to make.

Several popular chains, and many locally owned restaurants, honor veterans with freebies or discounts on Veterans Day. Usually the free meal is for the veteran only; friends and family pay the usual price. Often the free meal has to come from the medium to cheap end of the menu. Sometimes only part of a meal is free. Since you didn’t say where you are, here are some restaurant chains with outlets around the US.

The Golden Corral’s Veterans Day free meal deal is famous. For 2018 they’re calling it Military Appreciation Monday: From 5 to 9 pm, anyone who can prove military service, past or present, can eat anything on the buffet, free of charge. As you probably know, they have a huge buffet.

The Texas Roadhouse offers a selection of free meals for a veteran on Veterans Day, Sunday, November 11, at lunchtime only. Only some lunch menu items are free—not beer!

Applebee’s has a heavily advertised, but mysterious, Veterans Day deal scheme where the company tries to get your contact information before telling you whether anything on their menu will be offered free to a veteran on Sunday, or, if so, what it will be.

Olive Garden gives veterans a limited selection of free entrees plus unlimited free salad, soup, and bread, all day on Sunday.

Cracker Barrel restaurants offer free cake or coffee to veterans and active service members, Ruby Tuesday’s offer free appetizers, and Outback’s offer free Bloomin’ Onions, on Sunday.

A few sites offer longer lists and link to additional (non-food) Veterans Day specials for anyone with past or present military ID. This site links to a list of stores that offer veterans discounts on things other than meals:

Then there are restaurants like Subway, which doesn’t offer freebies to all veterans, but does offer a web page customers can use to treat a few individual veterans...

Eric Batesa year ago

Phooey on Subway. I’d offer a serious warning to those planning to pig out at the Golden Corral though. They really do deliver those Veterans Day free meals for four hours, with four or five buffet tables. The food is pretty good. The restaurants are big enough, both individually and as a chain, and pricey enough, that they can keep all those buffet tables piled up all evening long. If a person intended to die from overeating, the Golden Corral would make it possible. For a lot of retirees, I’d think the potential for sleepless nights and miserable mornings would be high. Let’s just say that the Corral is one restaurant that doesn’t try to get away with the old “Charging you more for tiny dainty portions shows that we care about your health” stunt. I respect that. However I’d think twice about tempting a whole carload of geriatric patients. 

Leigh Manna year ago

I think every store in America ought to offer Veterans Day deals, either on the actual day or, if that’s a Sunday, on the Monday after. People risked their lives for us; the least we can do is provide Veterans Day free meals. Through the Veterans Administration we taxpayers do pay for all the meals some retired veterans eat. Probably we ought to pay for more. We ought to pay for the care givers’ meals, too, for the ones who have family care givers at home. I wish I could. 

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