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Does anyone know about some good Thanksgiving side dishes?

I need to find good Thanksgiving side dishes because I am organizing the Thanksgiving menu for this year. I like to do it early every year to make sure that I choose the best Thanksgiving food. But I do not know yet if I should cook or buy the food this time.

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on November 12, 2018

Although this is a holiday that makes most people remember all the positive things that they have in their lives and be grateful for them, it can also be a headache for those who have to organize the menu for this evening.

Depending on the number of guests that are supposed to come and their dietary restrictions, the task of selecting the dishes may be more or less complex. You need to know if your guests have problems with salt or with sugar, if they are allergic to any sort of food, if they eat meat or if they are vegetarian, if they drink alcoholic beverages or if they prefer fruit juice.

The selection of the type of side dishes for Thanksgiving and drinks for your dinner will be a lot easier and their quantities will be more accurate if you have that information. Take the time to ask your guests about their food restrictions and make sure that you are on the right track when choosing the food for this special day.

Some good ideas for side dishes are the typical mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes, the traditional cranberry sauce, green beans, corn or Brussels sprouts with their dressings ( Most people like them all and they create a variety of colors that will look very nice on your table.

Organizing a menu for Thanksgiving can be easy, if you have done it for several years and if you are already used to do it. Similarly, it tends to be easier if the group of guests that are expected to come for dinner is small. Otherwise, some websites or apps can help you choose a complete menu. And, once that you have the list of all the dishes to prepare, you will only need their recipes.

If you do not have special family recipes or your own holiday recipes to follow, you can follow those that appear in websites specialized in cooking. People usually keep good memories of homemade food of Thanksgiving. However, if you have many guests to serve by yourself, you should definitely consider buying the food.

Tad Fraziera year ago

I will not deny that organizing the menu for Thanksgiving can be quite complex. There is so much food to prepare for this holiday! All the family comes for dinner and it can be stressful even for the calmest cook in the world. Each member of the family likes something different, so you have to prepare as many dishes as you can to satisfy everyone. I am a housekeeper and I am already used to it. But I know how hard it can be, particularly if you are alone in the kitchen. My best piece of advice is that you invite your family not only to eat but also to share some good family time in the kitchen. Funny stories can be told there and it is a wonderful way to pass on your cooking secrets to the younger members of your family. Tell them to come earlier this year. 

Leigh Manna year ago

I have not thought about Thanksgiving side dishes yet, but I already made my mind about the main dish. I will buy the turkey ready to eat this year. No more stuffing, no more hours checking the oven, no more gravy to prepare. I have had enough of it. This year my only concern will be to find a nice dress, and not very expensive if possible, to celebrate this holiday with friends. They said that they will bring a good bottle of wine that goes with the Thanksgiving food. 

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