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Does anyone have information on the significance of the FETC conference?

I would like to get some information on the importance of the FETC conference. Throughout my teaching career, I have attended various technology conferences for educators. From most of these meetings, I have learned no new information. Hence, I now view these events quite skeptically.

Now the above-mentioned, Future of Education Technology Conference is entirely new to me. I have never attended it, but many professionals interested in ed tech recommend it. Thus, I need you to provide me with any advice you might have to help understand the importance of the conference.

James Washington

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on June 13, 2018

Your skepticism for technological conferences stems from unfavorable experiences. As you have mentioned, you have attended several of these gatherings and come out of them with no new knowledge. Worse still, you have wasted your time and money- in the form of registration fees and learned nothing from the events. This situation sucks and is enough to make anyone grow weary of these conferences.

Nonetheless, I request you for a little bit of attitude change. A positive state of mind is necessary if you are to benefit from the Future of Ed Technology Conference. And just so you are informed, I am not going to lump empty praises on this conference. All the information I will give you comes from firsthand experience. I have attended many FETC conferences, and I can tell you unwaveringly this is nothing like the other tech meetings you have gone to.

Below are my top reasons for attending the conference. I believe many other professionals with a keen interest in ed tech will agree with them:

  • Edifying Discussions

From the word go, you will be immersed in educative discussions on various technologies in education. These sessions are quite interactive and engaging. As a result, the learning process is enriched keeping you attentive throughout the session. In turn, you will not miss a new idea. And trust me; there are many things you do not know. Attending the FETC will show you this.

The discussions here touch on an array of exciting topics such as new education technologies, coding, tips for practical use of mobile devices in classroom management, the concept of Google classrooms, to name a few.

  • Opportunity to Present Your Ideas

One of the reasons you did not get a lot from the previous conferences you attended is perhaps the fact that you had your expectations for the event. So, instead of sitting through the meeting, you can take up this opportunity and use it to inform the attendees of various ideas, thoughts, and experiences you have regarding multiple educational technologies.

Take the driver’s seat in the gathering; this might be what makes the conference interesting for you.

  • Awards

The FETC is an event where STEM awards are given to deserving individuals. During this gathering, the FETC STEM Awards of Excellence are provided to the best performers. These awards are quite useful in that they recognize innovation and excellence in STEM subjects among various educational establishments. 

Brian Warner2 years ago

The response is entirely correct. FETC conferences provide these and many more benefits to the attendees. They also provide you with an opportunity to view various expos from several technological companies. These exhibitions help you to learn about the newest technologies in education. Moreover, they provide you with an opportunity to sample and test the multiple educational technologies that are being developed. By providing appropriate feedback, you are contributing to the development an eventual uptake of these technologies in education. Fantastic, right!

Attending the FETC also gives you a chance to meet and interact with the sponsors of the event. You might be considering hosting an ed tech event in your school district, campus, or any other relevant place. These events will help you identify the appropriate sponsors for your event. Moreover, they provide an avenue for you to make necessary arrangements with the sponsors to ensure that your event is a success. 

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