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Does anyone have information about the US education reform?

I am doing a research on educational reforms in many countries around the globe, and I would like to know some information about the main US education reform. I also want to know about the most popular education reform companies in the US. In addition, I want to write about the progressive education reform act that took place in the US many years ago and its main effects in education today. I have also heard that there are people against education reform in the US and it would be interesting to know why.

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on July 16, 2018

I have lately conducted a few lectures about educational reform history in the US and its main effects on public education today. I really hope that you may find my answer helpful for your research, as I feel it is my duty to help all students even if they are not my students. Education reform in the US is mainly about changing public education for the better by setting up a few new rules and points that have to be followed by members of the ministry of education, schoolteachers, and school governors. There have been many reforms that have taken place before in the history of the United States, and those reforms were in different forms, as they differed according to the motivations of the reformers. Before 1980, education reforms were more focuses on the inputs and what should be done to improve the overall educational process.

However, since 1980, education reform started focusing more on the outputs, for example, student achievements and test scores at the end of every academic year. About educational reform companies, there are no specific companies that work on education reform, as every education reform is mainly called for, organized, discussed, and applied by members of the ministry of education and members of the Congress. After all, it is something the government has always dealt with in the first place. That is why some there have been some people against educational reform, as it did not mainly focus on the requests of the people. Never the less, there are some international private companies that work on enhancing the level education for many international students, and most of those companies are actually online. For example, some universities like the MIT and the University of Harvard offer many free online educational courses that student can take anywhere around the world on the internet, and they offer certificates as well. Other companies or websites, like coursera and edx offer many different online courses in many different fields for a small fee. Some of those courses are even taught by university professors.

When it comes to the progressive educational reform act, it is mainly a movement that started taking place in the late nineteenth century. It mainly focused on the integration of entrepreneurship into education, emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving, education for social responsibility, group work, the development of social skills, accurate selection of subject content, and collaborative learning projects. 

Leigh Manna year ago

The answer above has really illustrated many facts that I have known nothing of before. For example, I did not know that I could take certified courses online in universities like the MIT or Harvard. It is really great that such huge international universities offer their courses online for people from around the globe and for free as well. I have checked some courses myself and have signed up for them already. Those courses are actually prepared by well-known university professors. About education reform, I consider myself one of the people against education reform. I do not think that all students in all schools are enjoying the same level of good quality education, and that is why I have moved my son around a few schools until I have finally become satisfied with the level of education in one of them, and I am sure there are many people out there who may have done the same. 

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