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Does anyone have a UMD calendar of events?

I wonder if there is an official UMD calendar of events somewhere on the Internet. I’ve seen some announcements online, but they are always sparse and concentrate on one occasion only. So, an official student schedule UMD page would be perfect. With all those commencement dates, conferences, and so on. Also, are there UMD new student orientation sessions included?

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on August 15, 2018

Yes, there is a place where you can find all upcoming UMD events. It’s not such schedule as presented for classes, either a kind of news and updates with a small calendar nearby. Here’s the link -;jsessionid=405A82F5BCA4D33346DCF635DEDD66D4  The closest event of the most significant is Farmers Market on August 15. Mainly, it’s for students and faculty but it is also opened for public.

Another important August occasion in the UMD calendar of events is Indian Independence Day Celebration It’s actually the same day as Farmers Market. So, we can all combine these two festivities.
Something that is closer to actual studies but festive is the International Students Welcome on August 24, right before the start of the year. This multicultural event should bring together students of all faculties and countries and make the adaptation of the newcomers much easier.

There are many other activities during this month planned to spend the last relatively free days soaking up sun and enjoying life. Later, classes will consume both students and professors. The UMD student schedule won’t be so full of entertainment events and more devoted to academics.

You can actually find the schedules for the following months as well. Don’t think that calendar has nothing for you after that. You’ve also asked about the conferences and general academic side of events. Many meeting, sessions, and conferences are mentioned on the website too. They’re just more common around the period of UMD classes and this month isn’t rich in them. On the left side, you can search the event by the category. So, you can find any type of meeting you’d like to attend.

You can even download certain calendars from the website if you want to have them on your phone. Besides, they are shorter this way and show you all the things at once. It may be even easier to use.
As for the new students orientation at UMD, there are many programs and sessions and you can see the full list of them right here:  That’s a life to print out and check out with your coordinator.

Caleb Jenkinsa year ago

This page has the available dates for the first year students and transfers:  You just choose the necessary department and you will see available dates. There are also various kinds of UMD student orientation including the ones for scholars, honors, and one-day orientation.

For people new to the university, there’s also an arrival guide that solves the most common issues:  I believe this is a useful page even for the returning students, as many of them still don’t know the campus and its life as well as we’d like.

For early arrival, UMD gives such information:  It covers the questions of the cost, schedule, and accommodation. This is for the two-day orientation program before the start of the year.

Emily Alexandera year ago

I’d also like to add a few links of UMD social network profiles where people can see news and updates. There, you’ll see the main occasions of the UMD calendar of events announced and reported the day after. Here’s a Facebook page that also gathers small lectures of the university’s professors -  Twitter is mostly used for short announcements -  including  the student schedule UMD ones. There’s also a YouTube page with dozens of videos on academics, research, and the general school news -  

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