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Does anyone have a code for a VB Addison Playhouse Project?

Chelsea Hayes

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Annie Barnes on August 19, 2018

Private Sub btnDisplay_Click(ByVal sender as System.Object,ByVal e as System.EventArgs) Handles btnDisplay.Click Dim strName As String strName = InputBox("Enter all or part of the Name of the user:", "SearchRecords") If the String.IsNullOrEmpty(strName) and Then to Me.TblReservationsBindingSource.DataSource =Me.TblReservationsBindingSource.The data source for Most of the viewing of the records Dim records = From record In PlayDataSet.tblReservations Whererecord.Employer Like strName & "*" Select record Me.TblReservationsBindingSource.DataSource = records.AsDataView End If End Sub

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