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Does anybody know a protection spell against evil spirits?

Donald Ward

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1 answer

Ronald Miller on January 5, 2020

I've never tried any of these. If anyone has, how do they work?\n \n. \n Evil Spirit Spell of Protection \n. \n \n. \n Suggested Supplies: \n. \n . The bible\n . Knife\n . Fork\n . \nWhen sitting on the bed, open the Bible to any page and read backwards until you finish the page. After crossing the knife and fork, put on the Bible page, and turn the page. Place of the Bible in his bed, and, if not knocked down, you are protected until you wake up.\n. \n \n. \n Wolf Protection Spell \n. \n \n. \n Suggested Supplies: \n. \n . 2 green candles\n . 1 white candle\n . Image of a wolf/wolves\n . Essential oil\n . Consecrated salt and water\n . Lunar drink (i.e. wine, milk, beer, etc)\n . Cakes\n . \nthe candles are used to focus your energy. Sing the following: "three Candles, green and white, Bring protection here this night. The Moon is full, the sky is clear, Misfortune and evil disappear. The powerful wolf ever reign, and be protected from harm and bane. Come here! Come here! The spirits of the Wolf, strong and great! Be guarded by this circle and throughout your life."

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