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Does achievement motivation give us similar experiences?

I am working in an office with three colleagues. I have noted that we are doing the same things to please our boss. We cannot comfortably work on our assigned errands without getting his attention. Everyone creates time to see the boss. I am feeling that we are building motivation on a wrong foundation. We tend to work in order to get incentives from him. Maybe we have the same motivation. I need anyone who has done a motivation research to explain and let me know if achievement motivation gives us similar experiences.

Curtis Rhodes

in Self Improvement

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1 answer

Justin Parker on October 24, 2018

The idea of motivation seems to be giving you some trouble. It is always important to note the changes happening around you to make the best out of them or learn more from occurrences. You need to understand that you are a human with needs that have to be met to make you comfortable. Without settling your needs, you cannot find fulfillment in life. It means that different things will work together or individually to affect your response and how you perceive issues around you. What you associate with in most cases will direct your motivation. When you form it around a single thing, it will make you work in a particular direction in response to the effect.

Motivation through achievement has different levels that allow individuals to experience it differently. What you have noted are the extrinsic motives that exist because of the outside factors. When the factor is constant to all other employees, you tend to do the same thing because your stimulus is strongly affected by the presence or absence of something. In response, you all work to gain what he has to offer. Your motive is based on the incentives rather than the job demands. If you are driven by the job demands, because you are not expecting anything, you will work differently in accomplishing it.

It means that your motivation can be built on something. When you have an inner motivation, what you experience will be different from what another person will experience. What directs your move and why you do things will be different from another person. Different individuals have different things that build their motivation. Hence, you cannot have a similar experience with a particular thing when your motivation is intrinsic. It makes the whole difference in the lives of people because of the social, economic and other feelings within you.

Motivation researchers show another kind of motivation that few people identify and it works for them. It is called avoidance. People will do things or get the motivation because they want to avoid some consequences. Avoidance gives a sense of satisfaction or relief. When you complete a specific task, you feel free and develop a drive over time. The enthusiasm will no longer be there because you want to avoid something, but because you derive satisfaction in accomplishing a task.

Kurt Price8 months ago

That is true about achievement motivation. I have been studying it to understand how to handle individuals in my organization. My purpose has been to get the best alternatives that can work for all employees to increase production. I found that how I train them gives them the motivation I want. The response of many of them was positive regardless of their character traits. The incentives in place direct the motivation to a common purpose. However, motivation differs from one person to another. Individuals with high self-esteem will be more easily motivated than those with low esteem. The ones with low self-esteem do not have a self-drive that helps them to perform. They develop a pre-conceived mind about how others view them that is not true. It limits their potential and motivating them is difficult. Personality also affects individual motivation. A classic example is between the extroverts and introverts. It is very easy to motivate extroverts, for with them anything is motivational. Introverts have few things that motivate them. You have to get a specific thing to keep them motivated.


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