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Do you think studying primitive societies is important for modern people?

Deborah Edwards

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1 answer

Karen Wright on August 27, 2018

yeah, I don't

to understand what that is and what we are today, why, when and how we got to where we are today we have to look at what and who they were previously and why when and how they got to where they are.

also its very interesting stuff to learn,
we have preconceived ideas that the people before us were indeed 'primitive' but where do people think we got our inventions from in the first place, you won't just appear, someone from what we would call a primitive time came up with them

any person who has an interest in learning, in society, in past, in present, in future, in humans, in life always benefit from learning about 'primitive' people and primitive life

I think that there are a lot of things relevant to life and to life, to society and individuals alike that are not taught, should be taught and/or should have learned a long time ago

I hate the idea that if I have a son that I'm going to have to teach all of these knowledge things, because schools are still very ignorant and uneducated themselves. (not because I don't want to, because the school must be a place of learning, a place to be educated on things)

I feel that my son is going to school him fact be a complete waste of time as I could teach them more in a day than a school will teach them in a year, and about things of interest not that will bore the life and the will to learn from them.

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