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Do you think online medical degrees really work?

I have been working as a pharmacy assistant for the last four years. Now I have started feeling bored with the job and want to continue my studies. However, I cannot think about being jobless at present. One of my friends who completed his rn degree online has suggested me to think about online medical degrees. If I join an online program, I can save my job and continue my studies at the same time. In fact, I do not have much knowledge about online medical degree programs. My intention is to do masters in psychology. Can you help me find some good sources offering a masters degree in psychology online?

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

1 answer

Jodi Brooks on March 26, 2018

Yes, online medical degree works for sure. And the same is true about online rn degrees. These days all universities offer online versions of most of their on-campus courses to facilitate learning, and the degrees awarded are usually in no way inferior. Well, let me fulfill my responsibility of finding some good places for an online masters degree in psychology.

The first place I would like to recommend is Ashford University, and I am sure, you have already heard about it. You can get a Master’s in Psychology from this university for an annual tuition of approximately $15,000. If you think that is not the right place for you, go to the website of the University of the Rockies. There you will find online master’s program in psychology with seven specializations. They are general psychology specialization, career management and counseling specialization, criminology and justice studies specialization, health and wellness psychology specialization, industrial organizational psychology specialization, mediation and conflict resolution specialization, and sport and performance psychology specialization. It’s a very impressive list, isn’t it?

Another place where you find a good list of master’s programs in psychology is Kaplan University. For a tuition ranging from $8,000 to $10,000, you will find four master’s programs. They are master’s in psychology, applied behavioral analysis, general psychology, and industrial/organizational psychology. If none of these specializations interests you, try Capella University. They have 12 specializations, namely applied behavior analysis, applied research in psychology, child and adolescent development, clinical counseling, educational psychology, evaluation, research and measurement in psychology, forensic psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, psychology, sex therapy, and sports psychology. I am sure you choose something from this list.

Grand Canyon University is not far behind. They have nine master’s programs in psychology. They are MS in Psychology- Life Coaching, MS in Psychology- Industrial & Organizational Psychology, MS in Psychology- Human Factors, MS in Psychology- Health Psychology, MS in Psychology- Geropsychology, MS in Psychology-General Psychology, MS in Psychology-Forensic Psychology, MS in Professional Counseling: Childhood and Adolescence Disorders, and MA in Autism Spectrum Disorders. And the tuition will be nearly $10,000.  

Some other places you should remember are Arizona State University, Indiana Wesleyan University, Argosy University, Saint Leo University, University of Southwest, Southern New Hampshire University, Baker College, Sacred Heart University, and Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Well, now it is time to give you the statutory warning. It is your duty to closely check the accreditation of the colleges and the courses. Though reputed universities generally offer accredited programs, sometimes, some courses face troubles. So before making your final decision, look into that aspect as well.

Tad Frazier2 years ago

These places will cost you more than $10,000 per tuition annually though they are all good. I did my Master of Science in Psychology from California Coast University. I only paid $4,800 per year. The course is accredited by DEAC. It was a great experience there with friendly and cooperative staff. However, there is the sad reality that if you are going to transfer your credit, later on, not all places accept California Coast University Credit. But if this is your final degree, it is not going to harm you. My overall experience at CCU was good. The syllabus is consistent and the exams are meaningful with students writing essays. Lack of feedback is a drawback I found during my study at CCU. Anyway, this is not the only place which is comparatively cheaper. Visit Fort Hays State University, Northcentral University, and Union College. These places also offer online Master’s in Psychology for less than $7,000 a year on tuition.

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