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Do you know what day is Thanksgiving this year?

Maybe I am the only one who does not know yet, but what day is Thanksgiving this year? I need to ask because I will be traveling in a couple of weeks. I will have a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving in USA and I will also attend the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on November 12, 2018

These days life goes so fast that many people have a lot of trouble remembering special dates. Do not worry, you are not the only person who has that problem. Fortunately, there are many simple tools that help cope with it. A digital agenda, schedule apps, and also a traditional paper planner can be of some help, in this case, to find out what day Thanksgiving is this year. They can also help you know when the rest of the holidays of this year will be.

Since this holiday is celebrated in America on each fourth Thursday of November, this year it will be celebrated on November 22. Having the opportunity to participate in important events in the country you are visiting is indeed a fantastic way to learn about its culture. You will also learn a lot about its local gastronomy because you will see that this holiday is strongly connected to food. This connection is so strong, that it is even said that this is the day when people in the United States eat the most.

You will also want to eat a lot at dinner on Thanksgiving in the United States of America after attending the main events of this day. Football games and parades are the usual events that nobody wants to miss on this date. Even small local football teams or families organize their own games, especially on this holiday. And there are parades in every state.

If you are going to New York, you may be glad to know that you will be able to attend the largest parade in the USA. It is organized by the department store Macy’s and it takes place in Manhattan. On the other hand, you need to know that this parade starts at 9:00 in the morning and lasts three hours.

If you consider that this parade of Thanksgiving Day takes too long and that being standing for three hours to watch huge floats passing slowly in front of you may not be fun, you can watch it on TV because it is shown on television each year.

Caroline Campbella year ago

I never have to ask “What day is Thanksgiving this year?” because I mark in my personal agenda all the holidays that correspond to each year. When I buy my paper agenda every January or even the year before, I take some time to write down all the holidays of the year. I take a look at it almost every day and that is how I manage to remember the date of every holiday. Sometimes I use my digital agenda as well for popular holidays, such as Thanksgiving in USA. 

Eric Batesa year ago

The parade of Thanksgiving Day is without any doubt my favorite event in November. I start to think about it when October comes, and since the first days of November, I wait anxiously until the right day arrives. I have three or four favorite characters that take part in this display every year. But to be honest, my favorite characters have changed over time. When I was a child I went to this parade to see my favorite cartoon characters. My parents always took me to see this event in person because they knew how much I liked it, and how surprised I was to see that my favorite characters were so big in reality. Then I preferred to see superheroes. They were really great. I still like all the characters that I liked some years ago, but now I understand all the efforts that a presentation like that requires. 

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