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Do you know good sites for free online marketing courses?

I have decided that I will study marketing but I don’t live near any college or university and I can’t move right now. I was thinking about taking free online marketing courses to start learning from my town instead of wasting my time. I need specifically free online marketing courses with certificates that I can write in my CV and in job applications in the future. I may start working part-time soon but I will make time for my online classes. Maybe berkeley online classes can be good for me.

Timothy Norman

in Online Courses

1 answer

1 answer

Kathy Robinson on September 3, 2018

One of the advantages of using the internet in the educational field is the possibility that it brings for many people who are too busy and do not have enough time to attend regular classes every day in an educational center or for people who live far from schools, as in your case, to follow studies in their workplace or at home.

You are right. Using your time to study is always a good idea to gain knowledge and develop your skills. It is never a waste of time, because everything that you learn now will be useful and rewarding in your future. Moreover, it will enhance your personal and professional life.

There are many free marketing courses online that you can take at home. Some websites like Coursera or EdX ( are good choices, if you do not need to have a verified certificate after you finish your free course. Although they can provide you with a digital certificate or mail a certificate to you, it is a paid service that can have a low cost if you choose to receive a digital certificate and a higher cost if you prefer a physical framed certificate.

You can start taking some free online classes to get familiar with them and learn how online education works, while you save some money to be able to purchase a certificate and you pass the required final test of the course that you chose to take. Even if the certification at the end needs to be purchased, all the classes of a free online marketing course with certificate are free.

Berkeley courses are indeed a good option. The University of California Berkeley is famous for the high quality of the education that it provides and for having among its former students 28 Nobel prizes. In September 2012, the Berkeley Resource Center for Online Education was created. This center acts as an operational agent to coordinate UC’s online education initiatives, from credit and non-credit courses to online degree programs and MOOC projects (

You can take Berkeley classes online on the EdX platform since they work together to offer courses in digital marketing and marketing analytics, from an introductory level to more advanced programs. Courses created by UC Berkeley on EdX are named UC BerkeleyX ( Some courses may have already started but you can check if they will be offered again in the future.

Kyle Mckinney9 months ago

I didn’t study marketing, but I know Berkeley and I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed after taking a Berkeley online class. Their online classes are very good. I know that it depends a great deal on the teachers that you have and your interaction with others classmates, but their online classes are usually structured to be engaging and you can always communicate with other people who are taking the same course as you if you want. You can study together or discuss your doubts if you find trouble studying alone. When you say that you study online, many people will tell you that it’s a very cold system because you’re on your own but it doesn’t need to be true. You’ll see that after you register, you’ll be able to take part in interactive activities and you’ll be able to communicate with your new online classmates too.  

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