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Do you know any colleges in Canada for illegal immigrants?

Being an immigrant is nothing but complicated. There are many drawbacks that you have to consider before leaving your country. Illegal immigrants education is one of those problems you are gonna face. We all need to enrich our knowledge from time to time, especially when it concerns getting a degree. While there are some places that don’t require a diploma, most decent positions do.

So, what are the undocumented immigrants college requirements that I need to follow? Can I get into one at all? Are there any strict rules that I cannot deal with without a student immigration lawyer?

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on May 17, 2018

Education for illegal immigrants in Canada is a tricky thing. Rules and laws are changing very quickly and you have to stay tuned for the news. One year, you may have no problem attending school. While the next semester can become closed for you. The status of immigrants also depends on your location. Thus, provinces allow you to attend the establishment. Some of them restrict the attendance and only accept you if you pay a certain fee that usually reaches several thousand dollars. So, what are the options for illegal immigrants in Canada?

There are always private schools that don’t pay attention to your legal status. Many of them are glad to accept immigrants as not all public establishments are glad to provide them with the free education. This way, private schools enrich their funds with the help of undocumented immigrants in Canada. Considering that all students have to pay certain fees, there is no difference where from they come.

Of course, there are various statuses an immigrant can receive in this country. Depending on your situation, you may be able to attend a school or university or even get financial help. If we are talking about children, the laws are a lot more supportive. All children have a right to education. So, most cities in the country are heading this way and gradually cancel the penalties. The authorities urge the parents to provide proper education for their children and not be afraid that their personal information will be given to the migration services.

Undocumented immigrant college applications have few chances to be accepted, especially to the state establishments.

So, can illegal immigrants go to school in Canada? Officially, schools cannot reject children from attending. There may be some fees depending on the establishment. This concerns all students younger than 18 years old. Here is an act that you can check for the details: This policy may change in time, so, be sure to search for any amendments that can be added.

Always check the rules of the province you live. Much as the U.S. states, they have a local power to change education rules.

Besides, you can always get legal help from immigration lawyers. For example, this is an Ontario Legal Aid website: All contact details you need are placed there. 

Craig Stewarta year ago

I can add an awesome link to this response. You can find the basics of illegal immigration education for underage children right here: If you want to apply for Canada college, visit this page  It is focused on Ontario colleges. You can get the basics right here. If you are still left with questions, open the website’s contact information page to get a phone number or email address to ask for help. The article mentions that you will be required to provide various types of documents for your application, meet strict criteria. Learning recognition is also required. It gives you a link to the pages with the detailed information on each mentioned point.

Besides, you can submit an online application to the college right then and there. However, I advise you to check all details a few times to be sure that you are eligible and have everything required to proceed. 

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