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Do you have tips for someone who is just getting into higher education industry?

I have just recently graduated from a higher education academy, and I am currently looking for college professor jobs for my first job. I am looking at higher education associations for openings, but job hunt has been quite challenging so far. There are a lot of really qualified instructors who are both recent graduates as well as those who have already been teaching for a few years who are angling for college and university teaching jobs. Any leads like the ones listed here would be greatly appreciated!

Curtis Rhodes

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2 answers

2 answers

Chris Harris on July 25, 2018


Justin Parker on May 25, 2018

It’s an exciting time to get into the academy because there are a lot more opportunities now, but at the same time, there is also more competition to get good college teaching jobs. I am currently working as a research fellow at one of the best higher education academies here in my state, and these were good two years for me. Doing research has helped me learn a lot of new things in my field, and it’s also made me meet so many inspiring people.

One of the things that helped get into the higher education industries is building a network even before I graduated. In my field, we are required to take a few months of internship before graduating. During that period of time I was able to meet a lot of people who helped me get to know key contacts to get into my job. I don’t know whether you have done an internship, but if you have done it, you can contact the people you have worked with during your internship, and they can probably refer you to a higher education association that is related to your field of teaching. Looking for teaching jobs is challenging since there are only a few slots that open up each year for each college or university. Aside from the website that you have mentioned, you can also check out, where teaching jobs are posted and updated regularly.

If you want to get more insight into what a college professor job is like, you can also talk to a professor who you look up to and ask them to walk you through your options on where you can look for college instructor openings and other similar concerns. You are just getting started in your career, so I hope that you don’t get disheartened during these first few weeks and months with your job hunt. In a way, our generation is actually lucky, because unlike before we now have more resources at our disposal like the Internet where you can search for job openings in all different fields and states at the tip of your finger. While you’re job hunting, you can also join online forums for job seekers, like this one. There are actually a lot of very helpful groups online, and this will also help you to get to know a greater number of people. 

Craig Stewart2 years ago

I guess I was fortunate enough to get the teaching job easily because a tenured professor was retiring and needed some juniors to fill in for some of the classes that he had. To be honest, teaching was not on my radar back then, because I was happy enough doing research, but I guess life had other plans. At first, it was quite intimidating being in front of a large class since I was used to work with a few people in the lab, but I got used to it over time and eventually started enjoying it. If you are really set on entering the higher education industry, then I suggest you read this article which gives some very good insights and tips for aspiring college teachers everywhere. Best wishes and good luck with your job hunt! 

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