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Do you have any unique college scholarship ideas?

Justin Parker

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Zach Chandler on April 23, 2018

These are some of the scholarships that I would like to run: 1. A Mile in Their Shoes - of Undergraduate students who travel to compete in a mile long race in shoes that are, at least, three sizes too large. The winner of the race, you get a scholarship for travel expenses. 2. Blogging for Dollars - To receive this scholarship, high school juniors and seniors must maintain a blog with daily publications, along with the celebration of a minimum grade point average of 3.5. The winner is given a brand new laptop. 3. Daddy Warbucks Scholarship - the Student who most resembles the orphan Annie will receive a scholarship that will cover the cost of room and board. 4. The funding for the Criminal Families of Scholarships to offset the cost of college for students who have a parent in prison. 5. Keep it Simple Stupid Scholarship - Student with the lowest combined scores and ACT/SAT scores will receive a full ride scholarship to the university that will accept them. 6. Let them Eat Cake Competition - Students compete in a cake eating competition for a free, all-you-can-eat meal plan. 7. Link lost Money Mayhem - a Student who discovers the missing link wins honorary Biology degree of the school of the choice. 8. Perfect Plagiarism Award Monetary award given to student who submits best plagiarized admissions essay. 9. Sinful Student Scholarship Must submit a photograph to the contest. Student with the best gothic appearance will receive a scholarship worth $666. 10. The worst Reference of Prize - Scholarship for students who can get the most insulting letter of recommendation.  .

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