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Do you have any acting tips?

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on July 25, 2019

Here are some basic tips to improve your acting skills. I am a professional actress, and these are the real tips to help you land a role. 1. Always SMILE 2. Own the stage! (In the sense of make your character as big as it can be, can never do it too big.) 3. PROJECT. Speak loudly enough for the deaf lady in the back row can hear you! 4. Use of their hands. Don't flail around, but make gestures and movements. 5. Use all the space you have, take a walk, do anything that his character was going to do. 6. Be respectful, and thank you to your audience. Remember, they took the time to come see you preform, the least you can do is thank them. 7. Be friendly with the director(s), and show all their talents. Be sure to go and introduce you to all the cast and their director(s). That way, they will remember you, and you have a better chance of being cast in the next production. 8. Do not ask someone if they forget their lines. Just to make it seem like it is as it should be in your show! That is called Improvisation. Which brings me to my next suggestion. 9. Improvement. If someone forgets their lines, just make a new one! That way, your audience does not know that the lines were wrong. Only the cast makes. 10. Have FUN! Do what you love to do! Do not force anyone to do something you do not like. Act is entertaining, does not consume much time. OK, I am not a professional, but I'm thinking on it! Never turn your back to the audience (unless the role calls for it), always let them see your face. you know what their emotion is. if you have to point, the use of 'background' on the arm, which means that if you are standing to the left of the stage, the use of his right arm, or vice versa. SPEAK VERY STRONG!!! it does not matter if they are too strong, at least I'm going to pay attention to you! To say your lines. not linked (unless the role calls for it) don't fiddle around (unless you roll required) 'Moving with purpose'.

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