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Do students really benefit from the student immigrant movement?

I am one of the undocumented immigrant students who wants to go ahead and get all the education I can in the States. I arrived in the States at 3 years of age with my parents. It’s not like that wanted to get here illegally. Their agent gave them fake visas, and they got flagged. Now, the time has come when I want to join a regular university. This is where I get problems. I have heard of the Student immigrant movement activism and been thinking of joining them. However, I still have some concerns? Yes, SIM is fighting for people like us, but is there a chance that they will finally succeed or are we still facing the threat of deportation and education termination? Do you think they will successfully fight the campaign against the effects of immigration on education? Thanks.

Samantha Stevenson

in Study Abroad

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on March 26, 2018

I am an international student counselor. And, as an undocumented immigrant student, I’m sure your fears are founded on deportation upon discovery. But like you said, you have heard about Students Immigrant Movement. The first advice I will give you is that you should join them.

They are not only activists but also student helpers. The movement dates back to 2005, and throughout its years, they have had great successes. In 2006, they successfully defended one of their students from deportation. This spiraled their success, and in a matter of months, they had gained media and public attention, and earned themselves more allies.

2009 saw them work, alongside companions all through the nation, the United We Dream network. 2010 saw the notable DREAM Act battle and the nearby sit-in vigils that vanquished hostility to settler enactment by stirring the group.  2011 brought the Education Not Deportation crusades. In 2012 they focused on President Obama and secured the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,(DACA) program.

Through DACA, undocumented students are safe from deportation. As a member of SIM, you are guaranteed free registration with DACA, meaning you can still go through with your campus education without fear of discovery.

SIM is an association that is something beyond battles - it is a family and a group that is developing and battling together to recover the students’ respect. They fight for equity and equality of immigrant students. Theirs is a campaign to counter the incites about the negative immigration effects on education.

Presently, undocumented youth and their families confront tremendous difficulties and dangers in this Trump time. They will utilize their experience, their authoritative accomplices, their intensity and the lessons of past development pioneers to battle back against extraditions, anti-migrant arrangements and stories of scorn and division.

They are also pioneers of the DREAM Act campaign. Although it’s still under review. If the campaign goes through, then as a student attending the US college, you’ll be on your way to citizenship.

They also launched their Dare to Dream crusade, which calls for in-state educational cost and state financial aid for the advanced education of undocumented students.

Therefore SIM is strong, and it’s your best shot. It has had great achievements in the past, so why not now when it has gotten even stronger allies? You never know when the constraints or other problems reach you. With SIM at least you are protected. I have seen many students benefit from this; you could be one of them too.

Tad Fraziera year ago

SIM is an MA-based statewide immigrant student association. I am a beneficiary of their activism and mission. I am also a student immigrant movement activist. They have, and still fight for the freedom of the undocumented group through the improvement of a system of immigrant youth coordinators in high-density settler communities. I have enjoyed their political education, protection, mentorship, guidance, leadership training and much more.

They strive to ensure that all immigrant students have equal access to advanced education, are not separated given their migration status, by and large, understand their maximum capacity, characterize their own personality and turn out to be completely occupied with each part of society that influences their lives.  They have achieved the DACA act and launched the Dare to Dream campaign. They additionally want to sort out youngsters and make associations with educators and schools and work and business to bind together not simply around this bill, which bodes well ethically, morally, monetarily, yet in addition to making more power for the outsider groups in front of the 2016 races.

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