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Do student loans affect social security benefits?

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

Kristi Hammond on May 31, 2019

This info is for regular Social Security (not SSI) If your social security benefit is less than $750/month, then you may not be arrested for ANYTHING. If you make more than $750/month, a garnishment of 15% or the amount over $750, whichever is less. SS benefits are generally protected against garnishments. SS, along w/almost all other gov. the benefit is "exempt" from collection. That means that nobody can pay a debt. No one, except Uncle Sam. Since 1996, garnishment of SS benefits have happened. BUT...ONLY "non-tax" Federal debts can be collected this way. Such debts are unpaid student loans, defaulted HUD, FmHA, FHA mortgages, etc, SSI, SUPPLEMENTAL SOCIAL security (SSI) will NEVER be garnished for ANYTHING except SSI overpayments, which can be recovered by a 10% reduction of benefits. Good Luck!

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