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Do personal tutors teach at home?

I’m wondering if home visits are what make them personal tutors. I think of home tutoring services as something for students with major disabilities, is it true? I’ve been told tutoring jobs are growing and I should find a private home tutor because I’m not good at math and English. Who hires all these tutors? Who pays? I have moved to the USA and I haven’t heard about tutors in my home country so please tell me more about them.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on October 22, 2018

What makes tutors “personal” is that they work with individual students rather than teaching classes. Private home tutoring has changed radically. Before discussing today’s tutoring jobs, may I suggest that you try tutoring, coaching, or helping classmates at school, just to learn more about what tutoring is and whether it’s for you.

The reason why in-home tutoring jobs are growing at the moment is the No Child Left Behind law. Schools are required to teach students how to pass basic tests. If the local public school has to report low test scores, students are now entitled to choose private schools or tutors. If family income is low, the federal government now has the mandate to provide financial access to tutoring services. Depending on the services advertised, tutors may work online, or meet students “anywhere, even at home” (as WyzAnt promises).

Far from being limited to students with major disabilities, home school tutoring is popular with families that can consider homeschooling. As this Arizona site  mentions, both fast and slow learners are likely to benefit from tutoring. State governments actually help families find tutors, and home tutoring service is free for those who qualify.

As you might expect, all of this support for individual tutoring at home is still new and sometimes confusing. Local regulations differ. Not all tutoring services qualify for public tuition assistance; which services are fully subsidized, if any, may vary among neighborhoods. WyzAnt lets tutors set their own fees, which encourages direct competition among tutors. If a successful experience helping classmates with math and English encourages you to consider a tutoring career, having to work with strangers in their homes is unlikely to be a problem. Working with computers all day, and keeping up with the inevitable changes in this rapidly evolving system, may be more of a challenge. 

Craig Stewart8 months ago

Why are these home tutoring services growing so fast? One reason is that some sources estimate that, for every child who is now receiving free personal tutoring, five or even six other children may qualify but don’t receive the tutoring they need. Some of these students are living in places where everyone knows that for the local public school to achieve mediocrity would be a big improvement. Teachers will not go into these neighborhoods if they can avoid it. Thanks to modern computer technology, good teachers can now reach students in rough neighborhoods with no worries about whether or not they will still have a car to drive home at the end of the school day! Students can meet teachers in a public place like a library, or at home. 

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