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Do people who bully have power over those they bully?

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Craig Stewart on May 12, 2019

Political theorists have said that actual power is not important, but rather the power that your opponent believes you have. So yes, a bully has quite the perception of power on their victims. For whatever reasons, the victims often do not know their true level of power. May have been victims of abuse or harassment before, so a new bully may take that place in your life. In some cases, bullies also have more social power than their victims. Girl bully network together, and they know that the most effective way of spreading gossip and harness the power of social media. One of the targets of bullying is to cut off others from their friends and support. So if the fight is 6 people against 1, then of course the 6 is going to have more power than the single victim. Bullies often have more physical power too, but not always. As with up in someone social, groups of thugs will always have more power than an individual. A gang can inflict serious damage on a person.

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