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Do online art courses add value to a resume?

I have just completed my first Arts degree and secured my dream job. Despite getting a job, I also want to further my education by getting a post-graduate diploma in arts. However, I am wondering whether online art courses do add value to a CV. Besides this, the nature of my job does not allow me to travel frequently. This coupled with the fact that I’m just six months into my job, makes me unqualified for a study leave. Therefore, I am left with no other option, other than online design classes. Although this is the only option I have, I would prefer cheap online courses since I have not saved enough, and I will only depend on the salary to finance my education. I can also consider the best free online classes. Someone help me with this.

Kristi Hammond

in Online Courses

1 answer

1 answer

Kevin Sutter on January 18, 2018

First, I would congratulate you for thinking of furthering your studies while young. This is quite commendable of a young person like you. Actually, this is the best time because your finances are not that much committed. Your mind is fresh too. Enrolling for an online design class at this moment will add much value to your resume. First, when promoting people in places of work, human resource managers look at the qualification of their employees, besides other factors such as willingness to accept responsibility. In most cases, it doesn’t matter whether you took an online course or you went for the traditional class. The mode of study does not matter in such situations. In addition, nobody will know which mode of learning you used. What is key is, do you have any extra certificate or skill other than your first degree or diploma? The same case applies when switching from one job to another. Potential employers always ask themselves, what value will this person add to my company? So, having an extra certificate will give you an added advantage over other applicants.

So do not hesitate to take this course. Nevertheless, instead of settling for a cheap online course, I would advise you to do a simple research on the universities that offer online courses in Art. You can rank them from one to five, based on customer reviews, publications among other factors. Then out of the top three, select one that can offer you the best free online class. That way, you will get a quality education as well as a quality certificate that will place you miles ahead of other competitors. However, before settling on the online course, you need to ask yourself these questions: what made you enroll in the course? Why are you furthering your education? What new knowledge or skills will this course add to your previous ones?

I would also like to tell you that doing an online course cannot be in vain. Adding such courses to your resume displays a set of skills to your potential bosses. As other applicants struggle to explain what value they can add to the firm, you will be one step away from getting the job. However, it is important that you speak confidently about these new skills that your resume exhibits. Doing an online art course is also a show of sound character. This is because taking and passing in such a course requires proper time management skills, self-drive, intellectual maturity, self-discipline, curiosity, ability multi-task and a strong willingness to learn. Such skills are essential to employers, as they help differentiate between poor and good managers.

Noel Byrda year ago

I also vote for online courses. This course helped me to save money, saved me the tear and wear that comes with taking face to face courses. The best part of it is that I got promoted within the second year of working for a private company. The promotion came with a handsome salary increment. However, when taking online courses, you need to consider the following factors: first, you need to find out if that online course is accredited. Only go for online courses that are accredited and recognized nationally by government department in-charge of distance learning programs or any other recognized accreditation agency. Secondly, familiarize yourself with the flexibility of the program. Here, you need to ask yourself this questions: will this course interfere with my job? Does by employer acknowledge the institution you will be studying in? Also, after enrolling for online art courses, you need to keep in touch with your instructors and classmates. From time to time, organize for physical meetings and discuss any unclear issues. Finally, check the overall cost of the course before making up your mind.

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