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Do medicare and medicaid put financial constraints on hospitals?

Melissa Norris

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1 answer

1 answer

Tara Andrews on July 8, 2019

To avoid falling sick is a right wing concept. The US wants to provide health insurance through Obama care to all citizens of the united states. Obama-care is not institutionalized medicine because each state is responsible for its residents and their well-being. The medical Insurance is the responsibility, under Obama-care institutions of the state. This might be classified as yet non-governmental, private-sector coverage. The individual states would be responsible for the level of state-sponsored coverage of the disadvantaged. Regardless of insurance, finally, for all as a goal the president of the advocates, the reality is that it is not a subsidized system. A subsidized system of medical services is a left-wing concept, not discussed even in the relatively conservative US. Thus, hospitals must survive on the insurance in the state-by-state. The level of direct payments, therefore, will depend on the political will at the state level. That is the closest to my answer, thanks.

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