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Do I take online art classes or face-to-face classes?

I love art. I feel that it is a way that I express myself, but now my family is relocating and I have to move too. Maybe I have to get free online art courses. The passion that I have towards art cannot let me drop the classes, at least not now. My desire is to continue learning even if it means to finish college online classes. I see tutors carrying online art history courses. I would love to know if online classes could bear fruits like online art classes or I should attend face-to-face classes.

Samantha Stevenson

in Online Courses

1 answer

1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on June 11, 2018

After attending one-on-one class all your life, being a little hesitant at the beginning is normal, even if you are a tech-savvy. However, the online classes have their own challenges in your initial days but later its benefits are worthwhile. Now that you are moving to a new place, you need flexible hours to attend art classes. Start by carrying out intense research on the available art tutors online. Since there are diverse types of arts, come down to teachers who offer the kind of art classes that you have interest in. Some classes will need you to pay while others are free. Find the package of each class and see what suits you. Save your money by subscribing to those free art courses online.

I strongly believe that higher education is having a shift that depends on the college classes online. Universities and colleges are registering fewer students each year since students have other obligations than just getting a degree. Commitments such as jobs and families have equal demands as attending classes. Having an option to take an online art course and delegate when to study is essential. Since many institutions are now unable to accommodate more students, the demand for online learning becomes higher.

Taking an online course will mean sacrificing yourself and squeezing enough time for studying. Many individuals assume that online classes are easier than regular classes. Tutors assign more reading and research to online students than those attending one on one class to ensure that they are engaged and understand the course effectively. I have seen students who are taking art history class online and doing a lot of research. In addition, online credit hours are more affordable compared to regular classes.

When thinking about what course to take in college or university, besides passion, interest, and career, the place of study is a deciding factor. It may lead you to take courses that you do not want. Taking online classes at your own time allows you not to worry about class location. Now you have the time to focus on art classes online that you have more interest in and choose an institution that offers quality programs. I have a vision that in the near future there will be colleges and universities that offer only virtual classes. Be yourself and continue taking free online art classes that you want even from a distance. 

Roger Moorea year ago

I would like to support your resourceful argument on free online art classes to make my point. The truth is we get detached from following what we love learning by minor factors that can be solved. Technology keeps evolving each day and I think we should embrace that. Currently, no one has a reason not to attend college education or find time to learn. Gaining information and knowledge has been made easier by the internet. The job market needs people who have diverse in skills and if anyone lags behind in sharpening his or her practical skills, the opportunity goes to another person. If it your desire to take online classes while you manage other responsibilities in life, start immediately. I have taken two free online classes in fashion design and information technology. Now I have a job that I look forward to each day. Keep yourself updated and do your best. 

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